why advertising is bad

Why Advertising is Bad

Advertising can bring many benefits to people and help brands and companies, however, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this system and that sometimes we are too blind to see it. Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of advertising controlling our days, either to sell or to announce a new service and with the technological evolution, more channels were created, exacerbating this situation. However, until what point can this be dangerous for a person? Let us consider the example back when many years ago cigarette brands used advertising with kids smoking to promote and sell cigarettes, something completely unreal to think about these days. If you don’t know what we meant when saying advertising has its dark side, then today I’m showing you some of the risks it brings to society.

The Unnecessary Need of Consumerism

A great part of the advertising we are subjected to daily is about selling products. There’s a big problem with these types of advertising because it passes on the idea that your life will only be good if you acquire that specific product. A basic technique of influencing the mind of those seeing it and leading on to fake promises and unrealistic expectations. The internet is extremely helpful, but like everything, it has its downsides and one of those is using your internet data like search history and the likes to send specific types of advertising according to your taste, manipulating you to buy those same products. This is a toxic way of making people want to buy something they don’t need and in many situations, people can’t even afford it but are still influenced to buy it.

Unrealistic Body Ideals

This is a complicated topic, the human being is a complicated creature, each one is unique and with its own flaws, however we are always exposed to advertising that makes us question what we are and the way we look. Our self-image is constantly questioned and affected by the unrealistic advertising of “perfect” people with specific standards of beauty, body shape, and other small flaws. What we have to do, to be, and to look like. The search for perfection it’s a dead-end road, and it becomes difficult for people to truly embrace themselves and accept their own beauty without being tested. Advertising used this to put people down, saying their need to look like this or that, and then offer them products that will help them get there more easily. It’s truly wrong and can have serious physiological consequences. The perfect way to manipulate someone’s self-esteem.

Corrupting the Innocent

With the easy access to online platforms through different devices, advertising took some new measures and we are exposed to thousands of ads every day and it reaches those who don’t have the capacity of judgment yet – Children and teenagers. Most children have access to cellphones and the internet, and like the rest of us is subjected to a lot of disturbing information and manipulated ads. It’s harder for them to create a critical opinion about what they are watching, it creates the idea that products can replace love and everything can be bought. These advertisements for kids can be like vultures taking advantage of weaker creatures.

Suggesting Harmful Products

A lot of times advertising is used in enticing ways to get to the younger crowds to sell products like cigarettes, alcohol, and more of the kind. The main problem here is the way it’s shown, a lot of times it gives the wrong idea and makes it look like the coolest thing simply to sell. Situations like these can lead teenagers into serious addiction problems just because they want to look as cool as the advertising. Where obesity and nutrition problems can be added, it’s an issue not mentioned frequently but that advertising can lead on to.

In Conclusion

Even though advertising is generally important, sometimes it is used in the wrong way because it’s the way that sells more, not realizing the effect that can have on people. These situations can lead to bigger problems and affect people in a very hard way – be sure to take these situations in mind and help others going down the same path. There’s so much more beyond this and life outside the internet and television, take a second opinion, balance your needs first before being lured by advertising and always keep in mind that in order to sell, it needs to look amazing, which not always is true. It’s an issue that needs to reach more people and that can help avoid some bad situations. Thank you for reading.