how advertising has changed

How Advertising Has Changed 

Advertising has been part of our daily life for several years now, and throughout that time, it has suffered a lot of changes. Many of which were true marks in the history of humanity, and with the technological advances, some of these methods were left behind, to give the spotlight to new ones. However, they weren’t forgotten, but the necessity of staying relevant in the audience’s mind is more important, so if you are looking to know how advertising has been changing, then you came to the right place, and this is the article is your cup of tea.

From the Beginning

The first appearance of the printing ad, in 1472, in England, was the starting point to something that would change the advertising world forever and something that definitely has become incredibly important. The first printing projects not only gave people a way to communicate, but also brands a way to show their services, which quickly became extremely popular. The 19th century was the era of the newspaper and of the printing advertisement’s evolution, however, by the time we entered the 20th century, consumerism took over (thanks to the printing influence), and big companies and brands used it to their favor. Even to this day, famous posters and advertising prints, who had tremendous success and popularity, are still relevant and impossible to forget. In spite of that this mark in history met its rival not long after.

The Precious “Golden Age”

Printed advertising was unique, but like everything, it got outdated and overpassed by radio and television, as a new era of advertising had just started. If printed ads were already a hit, imagine the success this two innovations had, when they appeared. People felt a different connection to it, it was a different feeling than reading because someone was talking to them, causing even more empathy for it. A whole culture was created, celebrities began to be the face of many commercials, and characters were created for brands to promote their products. The main goal of these advertisements was to sell and attract more clients. Just like some of the mentioned posters, there are characters that, until this day, are loved by a lot of people! Television commercials were big, and even during some of the hardest times in history, brands were optimistic and kept selling. It was surely a time of big ideas and great innovations.

Into Digital Advances

Until today, radio and television still have a big impact on people’s lives. Advertising might have found different channels, by not being so oriented to television or posters, but these are still important and many brands still put their money on them. However, it’s the 21st century, and as soon as we entered the digital era, the whole game changed. The first appearance of the internet was another huge mark in history and when it comes to advertising, this one brought a completely new way to appeal to its audience. Internet evolution took measures out of this world, and these days it’s impossible to not be subjected to these advertising options.

After this, we were introduced to social media, the most incredible way to reach people from one point of the world to the other, through a click. What better way to reach people than social media? With this new channel, advertising took other strategies and started to get to people through a trust connection, instead of just trying to sell. There is a huge offer and ease in reaching a specific crowd, something that many years ago would never be possible.

Changes Never Stop

It’s impossible to predict the next move our world is going to make, and it’s hard to know what’s coming next in advertising, but just like we saw in the last decades, things are in a constant change and whatever the world throws next, advertising will keep adapting to it and finding new ways to reach us. One of the greatest things about humanity, nature, and evolution is that they never stop, and with the last one, it comes new channels, new ideas, and new necessities. For the good or the bad, this will always be a part of the universe, and it’s what makes the world go around.

Lastly, advertising has been extremely important throughout history and has created unique opportunities. Remember, it’s not only about selling products for a brand but it’s also making a difference, especially in this era. I hope this article made you understand a little bit more about the advertising business, and I appreciate the time you took to read.